We have a short list of great resources for the study of literature and language arts, as well as a few additional items for homeschooling through high school. Each title is linked to its description page, which will open in a new tab on Everyday Education, our parent company. Thank you for visiting Excellence in Literature!

Excellence in Literature Study Guides (Grades 8-12)

Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum: 5 years in one binder.

Each study guide offers a full school year of lessons, and is available in print or ebook version, as well as a print and ebook bundle for extra convenience.

1857 McGuffey Readers

1857 McGuffey Readers: Set of Six, Grades K-8

 Ungraded Language Arts Resources

Teach reading and writing with Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting.

High School Resources

 Prepare for high school with Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College.

Helpful Articles

 Resources from Everyday Education


Excellence in Literature curriculum for grades 8-12 offers challenging, self-directed courses that introduce students to full-length great literature in its historic and cultural context. Students will develop skills in writing and literary analysis as they study the great books.

  • English I and II provide foundational skills
  • English III and IV offer chronological surveys of American and British literature
  • English V focuses primarily on European literature
Optional Resources
  Shorter Oxford English Dictionary  (Amazon link)
  Invitation to the Classics:  A Guide to Books You’ve Always Wanted to Read by Louise Cowan and Os Guinness(Amazon link)


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6 Responses to Catalog

  1. Merlyn Salomon says:

    How do I know which level to purchase? My son is 13 and English is learned as a second language. We do possess IEW but i
    I’m trying to find a program that will increase his vocabulary, expose him to good literature and cover some grammar…


    • Janice Campbell says:

      Dear Merlyn,

      Since your son is ESL, you may want to start with the Introduction to Literature level. The readings will definitely increase vocabulary and expose him to great classics, and the context materials will help him pick up cultural references he may otherwise miss. Grammar is usually covered separately from literature, but if you want a specific program for this, Grammar Made Easy may be helpful ( I hope that is helpful and that you enjoy using EIL.

  2. Jennifer Borger says:

    My son (10th grade) has been doing IEW for 3 years, so is very familiar with the writing process. I am interested in the EIL units! Is the difference between English 1 and English 2 just the book titles, or is English 2 more difficult or in-depth? TIA

    • Janice Campbell says:

      Hi, Jennifer–
      The levels do graduate slightly in difficulty, but after three years of IEW, your son should be able to jump in at either level. EIL doesn’t use the IEW writing formats, with dress-ups and such (you can take off the training wheels now!), but the writing process he has learned will be very helpful to him. I hope you enjoy using it!

  3. Char says:

    Hi! What would I need to order for an 8th grade class for Literature and writing?

    • Janice Campbell says:

      Hi, Char-

      You would need to order Introduction to Literature. It would be your choice whether to order print only, or print plus ebook (so students can click the links rather than typing). It is also helpful to have the Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers for reference, additional essay models and instruction, and as an evaluation reference.

      I hope you and your students enjoy using EIL!

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