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The Excellence in Literature curriculum by Janice Campbell is designed to teach classic literature in its historic, artistic, and cultural context.

Links to Excellence in Literature context resources and study guides. Details about each of the assigned and optional context resources, as well as instructions for use, are provided within each study guide. For added convenience, we have provided a regularly updated, unannotated list of links for each module of the program, to be accessed via the links below. These won’t make much sense unless you own the study guide, but for students who are using the curriculum, the links can make study time quicker and simpler.

Context resource links for curriculum users

In each module of Excellence of Literature (EIL), you will find links for assigned and optional articles, audio or video content, art, poetry, and other context resources. The links are unannotated; instructions are found in the study guide.

— Introduction to Literature (English 1) Resource Links  
— Literature and Composition (English 2) Resource Links 
— American Literature (English 3) Resource Links
— British Literature (English 4) Resource Links
— World Literature (English 5) Resource Links 

If you have an older edition of the curriculum, you may notice that some of the resources have been changed or updated. Simply substitute the current resource listed on the user link pages for each module.

EIL Curriculum Study Guides

Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum (5 years)Each of the study guides is available for purchase in print or ebook at the author’s website, Everyday Education. If you are interested in learning more about the curriculum, I recommend that you start with the Excellence in Literature information page. You’ll find a sample lesson, additional articles on various aspects of the curriculum, excerpts from reviews, and more.

If you are ready to purchase or are looking for a recommended editions of classics assigned in each level, the following links will open at Everyday Education. Each book’s product descriptions includes a list of assigned classics, linked to recommended editions.

Recommended editions of Excellence in Literature focus texts.

Downloadable information sheet and list of books studied in the curriculum (PDF).

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