Ian McKellen Analyzes Shakespeare

From British television, c. 1979: Actor Sir Ian McKellen analyzes Macbeth’s soliloquy “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” as an example of how Shakespeare’s plays should be acted (and understood by the audience). McKellen is a master of his craft—don’t miss this!


When will you read Shakespeare in Excellence in Literature?

E1.8 Focus text: The Tempest

E1.8 Honors text: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

E2.7 Focus text: Julius Caesar

E2.7 Honors text: King John
The book shown above is a collection of Shakespeare plays and resources, including the honors text we recommend, King John. We have not yet reviewed the other material in this collection.

E2.8 Honors text: Merchant of Venice

E4.4 Focus text: King Lear

E4.4 Honors text: Hamlet

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