Julius Caesar Video

Here’s a video of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, performed on BBC Shakespeare. Enjoy!

More details about this production:
The BBC Television Shakespeare is a series of British television adaptations of the plays of William Shakespeare, created by Cedric Messina and produced by BBC Television. It was transmitted in the UK from 3 December 1978 to 27 April 1985 and spanned seven series.

Julius Caesar (Season 1, episode 4)

Directed by Herbert Wise

Taping dates: 26–31 July 1978
First transmitted in UK: 11 February 1979
First transmitted in the US: 14 February 1979

Running Time (PAL DVD): 150 minutes

Richard Pasco as Brutus
Charles Gray as Julius Caesar
Keith Michell as Marcus Antonius
David Collings as Cassius
Virginia McKenna as Portia
Elizabeth Spriggs as Calpurnia
Sam Dastor as Casca
Jon Laurimore as Flavius
John Sterland as Marullus
Garrick Hagon as Octavius Caesar
Brian Coburn as Messala
Leonard Preston as Titinius
Alexander Davion as Decius Brutus
Darien Angadi as Cinna
Andrew Hilton as Lucilius
Anthony Dawes as Ligarius
Roger Bizley as Metellus Cimber
Manning Wilson as Cicero
Ronald Forfar as The Soothsayer
Patrick Marley as Artemidorus
William Simons as Trebonius
John Tordoff as Cinna the Poet
Philip York as Young Cato
Christopher Good as Clitus
Robert Oates as Pindarus
Jonathan Scott-Taylor as Lucius
Maurice Thorogood as Strato
Michael Greatorex as Varro
Nicholas Gecks as Volumnius
Michael Jenkinson as Dardanius
Roy Spencer as Lepidus
Terence Conoley as Popilius
Noel Johnson as Publius


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