Teachers and Evaluators for Excellence in Literature

Parents, would you like help evaluating your student’s papers?

Would you like to have your student take Excellence in Literature in a class or co-op?

Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum (5 years)Most families use Excellence in Literature on their own (it’s written to be self-directed), but it is also being taught in classrooms and co-ops in many areas, and even online. On this page, we hope to compile a list of teachers and evaluators who will work with students who are studying Excellence in Literature. We don’t have the ability to screen each listed evaluator or class, so we suggest that you look at the experience and background of a potential teacher or evaluator, and if possible, see a sample of an evaluated paper and the feedback provided to the student.

Teachers and Evaluators: We’d like to add you!

If you would like to have your online class, co-op, or evaluating service listed on this page, please email us with your name, email, website link if any, a description (50 words or fewer) of your qualifications, and whether you are offering a class, co-op, or email evaluation service. Please put “EIL teacher or evaluator listing.” as the email subject line. That way your information won’t get lost in the shuffle!

We will post your listing as quickly as possible. Because things change frequently, information will need to be resubmitted each year. We will remove all old listings around June 30 of each year, and begin posting new listings. If there is sufficient interest in this, we’ll work on a fancier system, but this will do to begin.

Parents and Students

If you would like to work with a teacher or evaluator, please contact them directly, using the contact information they provide. If you know of a teacher or evaluator who is not listed, please ask them to submit information so we can include them here (if they have room for more students, that is).

Online Classes

Renee Metcalf
Certified Instructor, Institute for Excellence in Writing
Contact: The Inspired Scholar

Email Evaluation Service (need evaluators)

NOTE: I have had a couple of people express interest in being in this list, but it was before the page was made, and I have misplaced contact information. If you or anyone you know has emailed before and you aren’t listed, please email again! Thank you.

Click each title below for a detailed description of the study guide.

Introduction to Literature (English 1) 
Literature and Composition (English 2)
American Literature (English 3)
British Literature (English 4)
World Literature (English 5)
The Complete Curriculum: Literature and Writing for Grades 8-12
Handbook for Writers

Overview of the Excellence in Literature Curriculum

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