Techniques of Literary Summary and Analysis

Jack and Jill illustration by Dorothy M. Wheeler, 1920.Using the nursery rhyme, “Jack and Jill,” Professor Randy Laist of Goodwin College explains basic techniques of literary summary and analysis.

Summary discusses basic facts, while analysis answers the question of why. Laist describes analysis as “summary’s smarter twin,” which is a good way to think of it. You’ll find this seven minute video very helpful.

Literary Analysis: Elements of Narrative is a second video by this instructor. Either video can stand alone, but they are most helpful together.

Parents: Please note that these slides are illustrated with a variety of visual aids, and there is a reproduction of a medieval painting of Adam and Eve and the serpent in the context of discussing the Fall. There is also mention of themes found in Proverbs 7 (no reference to the chapter itself) toward the end of the video. You may wish to preview this.

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