To Jennie by Mark Twain

To Jennie


Mark Twain, c. 1907, photograph taken by A. F. Bradley; courtesy of the Steamboat Times website.

by Mark Twain

Good-bye! a kind good-bye,
I bid you now, my friend,
And though ’tis sad to speak the word,
To destiny I bend

And though it be decreed by Fate
That we ne’er meet again,
Your image, graven on my heart,
Forever shall remain.

Aye, in my heart thoult have a place,
Among the friends held dear,-
Nor shall the hand of Time efface
The memories written there.


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Many thanks to Finn from the Steamboat Times website ( for graciously allowing us to use the author image on this page. We appreciate the work he has done to digitally clean the image. To the best of our knowledge, the original photograph is free of any copyright restrictions.

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